Week of September 22nd – Best of Liver Lovers Unite

First things first, here are the answers to the quiz! How did you do?

1. What is the only known therapy for treatment of PSC?
A liver transplant.
2. What is the technical term for yellowing of the eyes or skin?
3. When was Derek and Logan’s surgery date?
April 14th.
4. Name at least two tests from the Liver Function Profile, i.e. blood results that have to do with proper liver operation
AST, ALK, Alkaline Phosphatase, and we’d even take bilirubin, creatinine, or INR as acceptable answers.
5. What does MELD stand for?
Model for End-stage Liver Disease
6. How many days was Logan in the hospital for?
7 days!
7. What is the largest organ?
The liver is the largest internal organ (and largest gland), but the skin is the largest organ in area and weight.
8. Name two complications associated with PSC.
Jaundice, fatigue, ascites, cholangiocarcinoma, portal hypertension, variceal bleeding, bile duct infections, and osteopenia.
9.  Where and when was the first live liver donation performed in New England?
Lahey Clinic in 1998.
10. What song(s) did Derek play on the piano while in the hospital?
Send in the Clowns, The Entertainer, and The Muppet Show and a little boogie woogie riff.


Friday dance boogie
Friday dance boogie

1. I’m ready for a vacation and Amsterdam looks like it has very pretty hotels.

Coolest Design Hotels in Amsterdam

2. Use your hands to help project confidence!

From Poorly Drawn Lines



3. Whole Eye Transplant Under Development

The concept of a whole eye transplant seems futuristic, if not impossible. But with a $1million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense, researchers at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine hope to someday make implantation of an entire, functional eye a reality.”

4. Good News!

5. It’s always important to recharge over the weekend!





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