American Liver Foundation and A Quiz

During the month of September, The American Liver Foundation has been shining the light on PSC. I wish they had a quiz so all our long-time readers could really show off their knowledge.


I borrowed this picture from their website and since they don’t have a quiz I’ll make one up!

The PragmaticHepatic Reader Quiz

1. What is the only known therapy for treatment of PSC?

2. What is the technical term for yellowing of the eyes or skin?

3. When was Derek and Logan’s surgery date?

4. Name at least two tests from the Liver Function Profile, i.e. blood results that have to do with proper liver operation

5. What does MELD stand for?

6. How many days was Logan in the hospital for?

7. What is the largest organ?

8. Name two complications associated with PSC.

9.  Where and when was the first live liver donation performed in New England?

10. What song(s) did Derek play on the piano while in the hospital?

Bonus Question: Have you considered being an organ donor?


Answers will be given in tomorrow’s post!

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