Weekend Recap: September 12-14

On Friday, while Logan was slaving away at the radio factory I went on a long hike to see some of the lesser known mountains in the Belknap Range. In total, it was a little over a 10 mile hike and 3300 vertical feet including the mountains of Straightback, Quarry, Rand, Klem, Mack, and Anna. The Belknap Range Trail website estimated a 7 hour hike and I didn’t want to be out that long. The hike took about 5 hours and 20 minutes because I had my speed shoes on.

I parked at the Mt. Major parking lot and started hiking up the Brook Trail. After passing a group who were hiking up to the peak of Mt Major less than a mile into my journey, I didn’t see another person for 8 miles – I had the trail to myself and the creatures. Three times I stumbled upon a bird camping out who flew the coop and got my adrenaline pumping. One of these times I involuntarily responded with a deep bellow. I was surprised at how low my voice went, but it’s better than a high pitched yelp.

Almost the entire trail had obscured views and tree-top peaks. Of all of them, I would suggest hiking to South Straightback – it’s only about 0.3 miles from Mt. Major, wasn’t crowded, and has 180 degree views to the south and west.

Saturday morning we woke up and went to a new breakfast place in Hooksett called Tuckers. It was very cute on the inside, super busy and the food was good. We’ll definitely be going back. The rest of Saturday was rainy and chilly so it became a homework day for me, and a big ole nap day for Derek–a ten mile hike takes it out of a guy–plus some errands thrown in for good measure. Sunday started out in the 40s, but was bright and sunny. Derek wanted to make some apple pies so we planned a hike close to the apple farms in Hollis. Neither of us had heard of Monson Center, Derek found it by looking for green spaces on Google maps. It’s a beautiful parcel of land with well maintained trails and a bit of history thrown in for good measure. I took a photo of all the plaques I could find so you could all share in our little adventure. It’s definitely a spot we’ll go back to in the winter, it looks like the perfect spot for a snowshoe.

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