Week of September 8th – Best of Liver Lovers Unite

The things that set me off into a fit of giggles are really weird.
The things that set me off into a fit of giggles are really weird.

We hope you all had a nice week and have lovely things planned for the weekend. I’m hoping to catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis tonight (See #3) but other than that, I’m feeling pretty footloose and fancy free. Here are some internets for your enjoyment.

1. Mesmerizing Mathematical Gifs

Click the title for more.

gif from science is beauty

2. Why a film score matters: A hilarious and awkward example.

3. One of my favorite quotes from The Simpsons

[Superintendant Chalmers sees Principal Skinner’s kitchen on fire]

Superintendant Chalmers: Good Lord, what is happening in there?

Principal Skinner: The Aurora Borealis?

Superintendant Chalmers: The Aurora Borealis? At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? Localized entirely within your kitchen?

Principal Skinner: Yes.

Superintendant Chalmers: May I see it?

Principal Skinner: No.

Which leads me to this. We might be able to see the Northern Lights tonight! Yay for solar flares!



4. Things I WOULD wish upon my enemies. 

5. Derek and I discuss secret rooms all the time. 


2 Replies to “Week of September 8th – Best of Liver Lovers Unite”

  1. ROOMS. Fun! Fun! Next, a collection of “rooms” from old and older films? Jessica Fletcher (Okay not a film, TV series).

    1. Also some great references from radio. A favorite from Firesign Theater is

      You can sit here in the waiting room, or
      wait here in the sitting room.

      From “Nick Danger, Third Eye” I think…

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