Week of September 1st – Best of Liver Lovers Unite

Why is it that 4 day weeks after a holiday feel like an eternity? What is wrong with our crazy brains? Well it’s over. We did it. Another week crossed off. Hope you all have a great weekend. We have no firm plans, and that feels pretty nice. See you Monday!


1. I don’t actually want a taxidermied squirrel, but if I had one…man. Some serious hijinx might start happening.

via: Tastefully Offensive

2. I never saw the non-translated version, but this seems like it’s pretty spot on.

3. Puppies in bow ties? Sure, why not. This is the internet after all.

National bow tie day was not on a Tuesday. Certain members of this household were extremely PUT OUT by this.

4. Apparently a lot of wine drinking happens in New Hampshire. 

Charles Simic has some ideas on why that might be.

5. The BBC interviewed the wrong guy, and he just went with it.











Here’s a link to the whole video, but at work we decided this gif was the best 5 seconds.

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