Back To School

This movie clip is for my sister Kathleen because she and I have seen this ridiculous movie WAY too many times. (Kathleen, I couldn’t find a clip of our favorite scene: “I have got a really bad cramp. I’ve been having them all week.”)Though I will say that BtS introduced me to Oingo Boingo, so it’s not all bad.

And how did I forget that Robert Downey Jr. was in this movie? It’s like his character from Weird Science just moved one movie set over and BAM! Ian becomes Derek Lutz. How did this post turn into a weird retrospective of Robert Downey Jr.’s mid-eighties acting career?

The real reason for this post’s title is that I started school again on Tuesday! After two terms off to devote my attention to Livernalia, I am back to work getting my MA in creative writing. After this class I will have 3 more classes until I graduate. Wahoo! Derek starts his class later this month and will only have one more class until he receives his master’s degree in Engineering Management. Double wahoo!

A very happy September and back to school season to you all.

One Reply to “Back To School”

  1. More very exciting stuff. Thanks for the heads-up about you and Derek. You are keeping your promises to you. Love the videos. Your Mom and I watched them together. Remember the film very well, silly or not. Love you guys. sQs

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