Happy Labor Day!

Logan and I have been enjoying a busy weekend and will be doing the full weekend recap on Wednesday.  Here’s a summary of a Friday hike to give you some reading on Labor Day or Tuesday morning as you’re getting back into the work groove.

Friday I had the day off thanks to the 9/80 work schedule: 80 hours worked over 9 days, which allows for every other Friday off. I took the opportunity to do an “easy” hike. Easy being defined by me is “a short, near civilization hike”. The Belknap Mountain Range fit the bill, and they have a nice trail map online.

I hiked up Brook Trail (1.7 mi), cut over to Belknap Mountain (0.3mi), back to the peak of Gunstock Mountain (0.4 mil), and then hiked down to Mt. Rowe on the Belknap Ridge Trail (1.5mi?), and back to the parking lot (1 mi?). I thought it was a nice hike and the views were better than Mount Major.

I saw about 10 different groups hiking on the trails and a few were hiking the ridge from Gunstock over to Mount Major. A father and son had huge packs and were planning on hitting all 12 peaks over two days, sleeping at Camp Bell after day 1. I didn’t have such big plans, but I have now hiked four out of the twelve peaks of the Belknap mountains, which means I’m 33% of the way to receiving a Belknap Range Patch!

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