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I still get blood work analyzed bi-weekly. I know the doctors review the results, and Logan and I do the same when we get a copy. Bilirubin is the one number that hasn’t fallen in line to normal levels, and I’ve been reading into other trends to forecast trends. It hasn’t worked:

In addition to bilirubin, Logan talked about the other three liver function tests in a previous post: AST, ALT, and Alkaline Phosphatase. Here are the blood tests since the date of my last transplant, May 13:




I see a number go up, no matter how slight, I get worried.  Putting it into context and on a longer time scale, I see how far into the noise I’ve been sticking my nose:

  • Normal values for Alkaline Phosphatase (ALKP) are 20 – 125.  I was seeing an upward trend over the last few weeks, and the last value is 84. This well within the normal range, and has been for 2 months. I know from experience this number can reach 1542.
  • Normal values for ALT are 2 – 60.  I was seeing week after week growth: 17 to 18 and then to 23. What was I worried about?  That’s not even close to the normal limit, and that sure looks like noise compared to the long term trend.
  • Normal values for AST are 2 – 50.  Again, week after week growth from 17 to 19 to 23. Seriously?  I can barely make out those differences compared to the long term trend.

There is a very plausible explanation for high bilirubin levels with normal liver function.  It affects 3 to 7% of the population, and usually goes undiagnosed, because there are no ill-effects, except for possible jaundice: Gilbert’s Syndrome. My conclusion is I might have it – either born with it, or it came with the liver donation.

One Reply to “Latest Data Trends”

  1. Derek,

    RN here again….. like your blood pressure, all those measurements are dynamic. So within range of normal….. is normal……
    the bili levels certainly seem indicative of Gilbert’s…… you look great….. no worries …. be happy….
    your progress and your positivity as a couple truly inspiring to me and all who know you I am sure of it……
    get back to work now!!! just kidding
    enjoy your weekend…. Barb’s friend Mary

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