Week of August 18th – Best of Liver Lovers Unite

(via catasters.tumblr.com)

Well, it’s the weekend yet again. You did it! You made it through the week. We’re both incredibly proud of you and applaud your efforts. Here’s some internets for you to enjoy on this fine Friday as a reward. Hope you all have a marvy weekend. See you on Monday!

1. What you look like to the sun.

This is the most compelling argument for sunscreen I’ve ever seen illustrated. I now want one of these cameras to make SURE I have on enough sunscreen.

2. New Mouse Model Points to Therapy for Liver Disease

Great news on the liver front. Scientists are working to find therapies for the disease that is the leading cause of liver transplantation.

3. Paper cutting to the EXTREME!

4. I’m embarrassed to admit that this horse and I have a lot in common.

horse ball

 5. Mmmmmm. Pretty.


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