End of Summer Break

I go back to work next week. I have a signed note from the doctor giving me permission to go back full time and I’m excited. So is my boss. There is currently a countdown clock in my office for everyone to see. Will it be like the space shuttle and have planned breaks in the countdown? Will I arrive early and stop the clock before it reaches zero?

Countdown Clock

We have also changed the countdown clock at the bottom of this webpage. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have quite the resolution of the timer at work.

I might be overly excited about the first day back. After a month in the hospital and another three months of recovering, I’m happy to be going back to a normal life. Unlike students going back to school on the same day, I don’t have any last minute summer reading to finish. Instead, I’m cramming in all the remaining activities I had hoped I would be able to do during and after recovery.

On Monday, it was a major hike: Mt. Tecumseh. It was a toss-up between a four thousand footer and Mt. Monadnock and the 4003′ mountain won because it was a shorter drive and has free parking. Tecumseh boasts 2200′ vertical over 2.5 miles adjacent to the Waterville Valley ski resort. The hike included three stream crossings, a downhill section on the uphill hike, a ‘never-ending rock staircase of doom’ and a final summit loop. There’s a very limited but nice view at the top. There are no pictures of the one mile staircase of doom – I was too busy repeating Dory’s advice: “Just keep swimming.”

I didn’t want to relive the rock staircase – even on the downhill – so I hiked down the Waterville Valley ski resort. My thighs were definitely tired from the hike.


On Tuesday I went waterskiiing. Back in February I wrote this post and thought it feasible that I could waterski before Labor Day. The 6 weeks of slack I calculated between a standard 8-12 week recovery and the 18 weeks to Labor Day really came in handy for the extra surgeries and hospital time.

It was awesome. Mission Accomplished.

3 Replies to “End of Summer Break”

  1. I’m excited that I will no longer need to do all of Derek’s work for him. Also excited that Derek will be getting back to normal. No wait a minute …. strike that … Derek will never be normal 🙂 That’s why we love him so much.

  2. Superb report. Great employer. Your employer is fortunate to have you. On so many levels, in my mind, that is true.
    Congratulations from all of your South Florida family members and friends, especially my pal, Mike Powers, who maintained his vigil while changing employers and co-leading a family of four.

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