Tiny Derek/Tiny Logan

It’s Throwback Thursday!

Young Derek

A throwback to the 2nd grade Derek (1986-1987).

  • That collar is almost as big as my head!
  • You will never find me in a blue and white oxford stripe shirt – I can’t put one on without being transported back in time to an Olan Mills photography studio.
  • I had lots of tiny freckles back then and let’s talk about that hair! It’s so shiny!
  • Does that look like a face that could get into trouble? I don’t think so.


Young Logan

I don’t know what grade this is from, maybe 1st or 2nd? I have a few thoughts about this:

  • I really wish I still had a monogrammed red sweater.
  • It sort of looks like my hair has layers? But that doesn’t make sense. Also my bangs look pretty uneven which I’m sure I had something to do with.
  • I look like I’m a member of the Tiny Young Republicans. I did have a pretty big crush on Alex P. Keaton back in the day, so it’s kind of understandable.

8 Replies to “Tiny Derek/Tiny Logan”

  1. Not silly atol. Thanks for sharing. PS – At the risk of being risky, Derek wins if this was a “choose one” event. I am positively persuaded somewhere, somehow there is a much better Logan era (throwback) image that would be more worthy. BTW…her assessment seems spot on. PPS – New pix for me. And I don’t even remember the sweater, for that matter. Lovin…these, howsoever.

    1. Mr. Shannon: I appreciate you selecting my picture in this fictitious “choose one” event but I respectfully decline.

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