Weekend Recap: August 1-3

We had a relatively mellow weekend here. There were some walks, some hikes and we shopped for bathroom fixtures since we’re thinking about redoing the bathroom. Lately we’ve been wandering around different parts of Manchester and we keep finding little nooks of the city that are really very charming. Manchester is the largest city north of Boston, but it never seemed like it was that big to me. Now that we’ve been exploring different parts, I’m starting to see how large it really is. I think it makes me appreciate it more.

The mini-golf game was my most successful to date, I managed to hold on to tie Derek which has NEVER happened. This means one of two things: he let me tie because he’s a nice guy and I DID give him part of my liver or it was dumb luck on my part. I’m going to go with dumb luck. Hope you all had a nice weekend. See you tomorrow for the root beer review!


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