Week of July 28th – Best of Liver Lovers Unite

Whoa. It’s August? This rotation of the Earth thing is really not messing around. Yesterday Derek and I met with the volunteer coordinator for Donate Life New England to see how we can help. She gave us a tote bag full of schwag and gave us a lot of promising information about organ donation in the United States. We are both pretty excited to tell our story to people and hopefully help them sign up to be organ donors, plus make sure they tell their friends and loved ones their wishes. Hooray for volunteering!

Now for some internet ha ha’s for your viewing pleasure:

1. Not so much a ha ha. Just my teeny brush with public radio Twitter fame.

I tweeted the above and then THIS happened:

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 7.17.23 PM

In the world of public radio it’s pretty sweet when THE Ari Shapiro favorites your tweet.

2. Dinosaur Comics is the best. I once talked to Ryan North on the phone before an interview and I got all giggly.

dino viral

3. The best Vine you’ll ever see.

No seriously. Click the link. It’s amazing.

4. Are Armadillos even real?

5. Derek is the collector in the family. I apparently don’t have the gene for it. But if did, I might collect wooden combs and display them this way:

Things Organized Neatly – Japanese Boxwood Combs

Have a great weekend!








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