9 Days to Leadville!

Donate Life powered by Jim!
Donate Life, powered by Jim!

In nine days our amazing pal Jim will be taking on the fitness challenge of his life:

The 2014 Leadville 100 MTB!

We are so honored to have Jim representing The New Hampshire Chapter of Team Livernalia, who will be cheering for him back east. Jim will join forces with The Chris Klug Foundation‘s team in Colorado and ride on behalf of organ donors, recipients and their families.

Donate Life‘s mission is: To drive individuals, organizations and communities to increase the number of designated organ, eye and tissue donors who save and heal lives.

Or to put it simply: Live Life, Give Life.

Jim Dowd embodies this ethos every day, by staying active, by taking care of himself as well as the people he loves and by living life to the fullest.

Support Jim on August 9th by going for a run, a walk, a hike in the woods, a bike ride around the neighborhood, staging a hula hoop-a-thon in the back yard, challenging your friends to a fierce game of tackle croquet–you get the idea.

On August 9th let’s all Live Life!

Go Jim!


Dance on those pedals!

cat on bike

Tell your legs to SHUT UP!


Don’t forget to pack your suitcase of courage!

Click on the t-shirt to buy! I think I might need one of these!

We love you. We cowbell you. We support you!


By the way, you can still contribute to Jim’s fundraising efforts, right here: 2014 Leadville 100 MTB

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