Happy Birthday Logan!

Dueling Logans

The weekend recap will be on Wednesday this week, because … Logan is turning 39 today! It’s the 39th time the earth has returned to the same position in relation to the sun. And I’ve known her for over 20% of her time on this earth. She’s my wife, companion, and much more. I don’t know what I would do without her. I don’t just say that because she gave a piece of her liver to me; I love her for everything she’s done since we met.

For her 40th birthday, I’ve promised her there will be a cake that looks like asparagus (see here) and we will have lip sync battles (see here). You all have now been warned and need to practice your lip syncing skills. Here are some Logan expressions that I see on a regular basis. These pictures, according to Logan, are “bad”.  Sorry buddy, this is who you are. And there’s nothing bad about them. It’s you — and that’s why I love you.



Please wish Logan a Happy Birthday today. She deserves it. She is awesome.

21 Replies to “Happy Birthday Logan!”

  1. How would you know which Logan to shoot if she was holding a hostage? I’d make one put on chapstick and see if her lips puffed up. Happy Birthday Logan!

  2. This is one of my favorite posts so far!
    I can’t wait for that lip sync party! Let’s have some practice lip syncing parties in the meantime.

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