I’ve been pining for a good hike and to get back to some of our favorite trails. Yesterday, instead of walking up the mountainous 147 foot McIntyre Ski Resort, I chose the closest place with a “Mt.” surname: Mt. Uncanoonuc with its vast vertical of 600′. It’s only 20 minutes away in Goffstown, has a road to the top, lots of cell phone towers at the summit, and barely any views. But it has a rich history, and it was the perfect opportunity for me to test my progress.

Filters make everything more exciting
Filters make everything more exciting

I didn’t make it to the summit.  I only made it about 200 vertical feet. My thighs were not having it. I turned around like any sane person should when it stopped being fun and the trail was still never-ending telephone poles. It was also buggy and muggy; not ideal conditions for a fun hike.

Instead of fully giving up on my hiking day, I decided to go back to McIntyre and do the familiar routes and work the thighs even more. On these hills, I was much more successful. My engineering mind says that the main difference was the incline – the Mt. Uncanoonuc trail had a much steeper incline which used my quads, glutes, and thighs in a slightly different manner than my usual routes around McIntyre. It’s only been 9 weeks since my transplant, and I keep reminding myself what the surgeons remind me: it will take a year or more to be fully healed. In that respect, I feel awesome and am not surprised that I struggle a bit hiking up mountains.

3 Replies to “Hiking”

  1. Derek
    you are doing so amazingly well!!!!!!! You were so right to listen to your thighs!!!! so that sounds wrong…. oh well…. keep up the walking…. do the inclines gradually…

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