3-D Printed Livers Could Be Coming To A Peritoneum* Near You

Here & Now did a story recently on the work that’s being done at MIT to print organs like livers, hearts and pancreas’. Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia does an excellent job of describing her work as well as explaining the liver and her hopes for the future of transplantation.

Building Tiny Organs Could Lead To Big Medical Advances

I was tempted to call Dr. Bhatia up on the telephone and ask if she would like to see the 3D scans of my liver, for you know, inspiration. Who am I kidding, I may still do it! It gives me great pleasure to hear about the everyday scientific research that is happening right here in New England to help end the massive organ and tissue shortage we have in this country.

Meanwhile, another organization (pun intended) based in NYC called Organize is doing their part to get people registered. Their mission is simple: End the Organ Shortage. They want the problem to be solved in 5 years. Yes, their plan is to be out of business in 5 years. I encourage you to go and check out their website and sign up to be an organ donor, even if you’ve signed up already elsewhere.


*Peritoneum isn’t totally accurate, but I just love saying peritoneum.

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