Flash Mob

Logan and I are heading to the hospital today for another checkup. We’re happy to go to a place with air conditioning, and we’ll share the results from the visit tomorrow. I don’t expect any major news, hopefully just a discussion of the blood results and how I’m gaining weight and muscle. 

A little over a month ago, Logan and I were surprised with a parade in front of our house, just for us! My co-workers wanted to welcome us home from the hospital in style and organized their own flash mob. On Tuesday I went out to lunch with a few members of the planning committee and heard about some of the behind the scenes planning involved. Tom put it best when he said “You could have put a man on the moon with less planning.” There were planning luncheons before we even had surgery and I guess I really threw the planning a curve ball when I required a second transplant and thus wouldn’t be home for the scheduled flash mob date. Oops! But, they figured out alternative plans after we were home for two weeks. We’ve been waiting for the video to share this event and Jim just finished putting all the footage together into a video and shared it with us:


“FM Quad” is the preferred video; “FM single” accomodates smaller screens, i.e. phones.

The password is:  pleasebeanorgandonor

The Setup: Our good friends Gregg and Emily, who have many amazing traits, but are not known for their punctuality, insisted they would be at our house on Saturday between 10 and 10:30 for a visit. They were very insistent on the times. Logan found this to be very suspicious and suspected something was being planned whereas I was pretty oblivious. (To be fair, Logan always thinks someone is planning a surprise party.) In addition, my friend and co-worker Amy mentioned she’d be stopping by to pick up a digital file of Logan’s liver to try to get it 3D printed. Unfortunately for the plans, I emailed the files to Amy Friday night to give her a head start. I got a text message back from her soon thereafter saying she had something perishable and was still coming by at 10:30 on Saturday. Another oddity that made both of us to think that something was going on, we just didn’t know what or how great it would be.

The Lead-In: On Saturday morning, Gregg showed up promptly at 10 to make sure we were appropriately dressed and ready for a parade of visitors. Of course, he didn’t tell us this information. Once the plan was in motion, Will, whom I have never met, was going to knock on the door and keep us at the door long enough for the flash mob parade and antics to begin. Before that happened, I saw a vehicle with a tripod on the roof drive past one of our windows, but I didn’t see it in a subsequent window. As I got up to investigate, the car started backing into the driveway. I recognized my co-workers in the car: Jim, Tom, and Greg. I yelled out the window “Hey! You guys don’t belong here.” – because that’s what you’re supposed to yell at co-workers who are in front of your house doing suspicious things.

It was a fantastic welcome home. We knew we were loved, but this was a visual representation from some of the people we hold in our hearts dearly. Thank you all.

7 Replies to “Flash Mob”

  1. That was incredible. Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful… And yes, My eyes watered a bit watching the setup and the parade..

    Great friends!

  2. Classy. My kind of fun. Unforgettable. Marvelous audio and video. And yes, emotional for this here viewer.

  3. That was sincerely one the most fantastic things I have even seen! I used to think that we REALLY liked you guys, but, man, have we been outdone. I don’t think I can ever send a get well card to anyone every again without feeling pathetic.

    Made my damn day!

  4. you guys have a $h!t ton of friends! That is super cool. Way to flash the scar Derek. Give the crowd what they want.

  5. Great video, sorry we were in DC that weekend and missed it. Would like to see Jim hook up some more equipment to his car! You are both looking good, keep it up!

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