Wednesday, July 2

It’s been decently hot and sunny here the last few days and doesn’t seem like it’ll be letting up anytime soon:


This has really put a damper on my walking.  I usually take my medicine at 8AM and start exercising by 9AM. The past few days I’ve kept my walks on the shorter side, 1-3 miles, to make sure I get out of the sun and the heat before it gets too bad.

Logan has a cookbook, The America’s Test Kitchen DIY Cookbook, which has recipes for all sorts of treats, including rootbeer. One of the key ingredient is sassafras. We tried calling some natural food stores, but none had sassafras bark in stock. I did some research and found out that the sassafras tree can be found as far north as New Hampshire. I’ve started looking for this “mitten tree” during my walks around the neighborhood so we could harvest the root bark. Amazingly, I found a few!


I found two tiny sassafras trees on one street, and then I found about 10 of them grouped together on another street.  Their exact location is being kept secret. Logan and I may do some late-night requisition of sassafras root bark for our root beer experiment.

2 Replies to “Wednesday, July 2”

  1. I have some sassafras wood (not logs, but short sticks) that I got a farmer’s market in Kentucky to use to make tea. Would a piece of that be helpful?

  2. We finally broke down and bought some over the internet along with some other necessary ingredients. Is the sassafras tea good?

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