Back To Work

Last Monday, with very little fanfare–my choice–I returned to work. I work part-time so I figured I could manage my standard 16 hour work week. I got to the station and was greeted warmly, shared a few war stories and then got to work. I was only gone for about two months, but I was still pleasantly surprised that I remembered the process to follow in order to complete my tasks. There’s also a new coffee maker in the staff kitchen and it is super pretty.

I split my time at work between two departments, so my first day back I worked two hours in one area and then two on the other side of the building. When I reached my fourth hour, I was positively knackered. I was so confused, I felt great when I was at home, certainly well enough to decide to go back to work. Derek and I had been going on long walks, I’d been cooking all of our meals, why would I get tired after sitting at a desk creating web posts and editing sound?

Oh yeah, I had major abdominal surgery. My insides are still healing, my abdominal muscles are still in relative tatters and I have not concentrated on anything for an extended period of time for two months. It was tiring. But the next day, it was better. I went back last Friday, better still. Every day this week it got a little better. It’s hard leaving Derek for even four hours, but I’m sure he’s pleased to at last have some alone time. When I go to work, Derek does what he now considers his full time job: exercising. On Wednesday he went for a 5 mile walk around the neighborhood including a hike up McIntyre mountain (tee hee, I called it a mountain.) When he got home, he ate some lunch, but was still hungry. He decided to walk another mile to a downtown sub shop bringing him to a grand total of something like 7.5 miles. All that walking and no nap. This has not happened in I don’t know how long. Pre-transplant, Derek was an active guy, but he got tired out easily. If we did something on a Saturday, Sunday was a rest day. Knowing that he was able to walk all over town, in the heat, made me realize that I need to step up my game.

What have I been DOING the last two months??? Forget recovery, I should have been training! He’s going to leave me in the DUST! Don’t get me wrong, I’m psyched he feels better than ever, really. I just wish his fitness curve wasn’t so steep.

Next week we’ll head to Lahey on Thursday for Derek’s check-up, and fingers crossed, that pesky bilirubin will be even lower. Monday will also be the 3 month mark for me, and it seems like I am right on track in terms of recovery. I’m still amazed that it’s already the end of June. Have a great weekend everybody!

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