The following .gif is comprised of many of the images I received when I requested my medical files from the pre-transplant tests and my post-transplant hospital stay. These images are of my abdominal region during my pre-transplant MRCP, or magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography on April 7th.

The procedure requires injection of a dye into the vein, and then the MRI picks up the dye as it travels around the body. Eventually, it reaches the liver, where it’s sent down the bile ducts and also collects in the gall bladder. The small white blob is likely the gall bladder, and the spider web above and to the left are the liver bile ducts. They’re supposed to be smooth and like tree branches, i.e. getting smaller as they go away from the main bile duct and gall bladder, but you can see areas where they’re more balloon animal-like with larger and smaller sections. That’s indicative of PSC.  I’m not really sure what the other white blobs are. I hate to guess and be entirely wrong. So I’ll let the comments to this post reign supreme. I just like looking at the abdomen spin.



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