We will be heading down to Lahey today for Derek’s weekly check-up and since we’re not posting on the weekends, you can expect to read about the anxiously awaited bilirubin number first thing Monday morning. Finally, a reason to look forward to Monday!

Yesterday’s tasks included: walking to a store to purchase marshmallows so I could make crisp rice treats, making crisp rice treats, a mini nap for Derek, some puzzling and a visitor! Mike, Derek’s former co-worker and great friend, was up north from Little Rhody for some training and drove a little further north to help us with our puzzle–we need all the help we can get at this point–and to go mini-golfing. We called ahead and reserved the entire course so we wouldn’t have any distractions. Seriously, we were the only people on the course. We felt like minor celebrities. It did kind of stink that they didn’t have any of the water features turned on; the place is currently a breeding ground for a potentially massive mosquito swarm.

picstitch (8)
I’ve never been to a mini-golf place that has a machine that dispenses the ball color of your choice! Plus there’s a mystery button!
photo (25)
We walked all 18 holes, no cart for us, because we’re awesome.

Despite finishing dead last, I was the ONLY player to get a hole in one! The Shannon family tradition is to photograph anyone who achieves such a high level of tremendous miniature golf greatness.

Lucky number 13!
Lucky number 13!

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