Root Beer Review #2 – Towne Club

One of the downsides to ordering food and drink through the internet is you can’t check the ‘Best By’ date. The towne club root beer was sent with a Best By date of May 21, 2014, so technically my review is not of the best towne club root beer. And, as you’ll see in the review, the bottler was correct – it was just mediocre.20140608_193239

towne club root beer is made in Detroit, Michigan. I had never heard of towne club, like most of the root beers I received in the shipment, but the bottle has a very retro feel to it and I was very curious to the flavor. When I opened the bottle, I took a little sniff and got very excited that this would be a winner. After tasting, I concluded that it was just a regular ol’ root beer. It had a very weak flavor. It was decent tasting, but no flare, zip, punch, or je ne sais quois. It wasn’t bad, but I’m giving it a low rating because I wouldn’t choose it again. I like bold, strong flavors and this one wasn’t up to the challenge.  I’d liken it to expecting a Dodge Viper and receiving a Dodge Neon.

Derek’s Rating: 3.6

Only 46 more bottles to go!

2 Replies to “Root Beer Review #2 – Towne Club”

  1. Try Tower Rootbeer, an old local product made by one of our neighbors and restarted by his children.
    Keep up the good work on your recovery. I like keeping updated with your blog.
    Love and prayers to you and Logan.

  2. Tower Root Beer is on our list to review – Thanks for the info! We’ll pick some up next time we are down in Burlington. I see it’s for sale at LaCascia’s, which we’ve been to and love!

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