Root Beer Review #1 – O-So Butterscotch

Derek’s favorite beverage of choice has pretty much always been root beer. In honor of coming home from the hospital, he decided to treat himself and purchased 48 unique bottles of root beer from It’s an impressive selection to be sure and Derek has agreed to review each bottle and I get to help! Our first selection is:

O-So Butterscotch Root Beer

photo (24)


Logan: Whoa!

Derek: Man. It really smells like butterscotch.

Logan: It’s pretty sweet, but I like it.

Derek: You know what it tastes like? Like a root beer barrel candy–

Logan: OOOOOH! Yeah! Totally.

Derek: —but if you put a root beer barrel candy and a butterscotch candy in your mouth at the same time.

Logan: Perfect description. It’s not very fizzy, as root beers go. I do like that it has an orange bottle cap.

photo 1 (2)

Derek’s Rating: 7.2

Only 47 more bottles to go!



12 Replies to “Root Beer Review #1 – O-So Butterscotch”

  1. I haven’t thought about those candies in ages. My grocery store had a big compartmentalized table with all the nickel candy. Those strawberry ones sucked (even with the cool wrapper)

    1. Ha! Remember when we made you put as many peppermint starlights as you could fit in your mouth so you could go home early?? Oh man! And remember when you guys dared me to eat an entire package of fudge stripe cookies and I got really sick? Good times!

      1. When you left a lot of the fun left too. How did you think you could eat a whole package of cookies. Silly girl

  2. Brings back memes. Can’t wait. Nice that you (Logan) have so readily agreed, once again, to be so helpful. Interesting how that is working out. You might want to have dueling reviews with the following site that popped up when I asked Google about this topic. Based on Eric’s graphics, you are in for “barrels of fun”. sQs O X o X OOO X O X QQ

  3. We know the owners of Tower Root beer. Hope it is in your package to rate.
    I have been following your blog every day and think my prayers are helping you both to heal
    This good weather and sunshine will also be good. xxoo. Mary driscoll

  4. Dare I say that …why in earth would u drink rootbeer? Now grape soda is a whole other ball game. Love it! Good luck!

    1. Ha! I love grape soda, but my personal favorite is definitely ginger beer. I plan to intersperse some ginger beer reviews, though I didn’t buy 48 bottles to sample. Maybe I’ll pick up a grape soda too!

  5. You should add a homemade root beer in the mix too! I recall that being an eighth grade class experiment. Much more enjoyable than dissecting the big bullfrog!

  6. I can totally picture this entire conversation, especially “I do like that it has an orange cap.” 🙂 Gave me warm and fuzzies. Miss you two!

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