Happy Birthday, Mom!

It’s my mom’s birthday today. She has spent way too many years as the only female in our family of 2 boys and a husband.  She has always been a good sport and never backed down from a challenge. She played field hockey and basketball back in the day and was an amazing waterskiier so she knows how to keep up with ‘the boys’. And around Christmas time, she sometimes climbs into a cardboard box:

Mom in a Box

My mom retired from teaching this year. I’m fairly certain it’s a bittersweet feeling. She has taught for at least 25 years – I lost count and don’t want to give away her age – and a few years ago, she received her Master’s degree in teaching from Lesley University which I think is awesome and amazing that she was willing to commit the time and effort to further learn so far into her career.

Mom GraduationI’m not sure what else to say about Mom – she’s amazing, she’s my mom, and she retired from teaching this year. And it’s her birthday today. She’s going to help Logan and me plant some flower seeds and bulbs if it’s a sunny day today, and maybe we’ll go get coffee frappes after. Shhh…. don’t tell her about the frappes, that might be a surprise.

Happy Birthday, Cindy Janiak!

3 Replies to “Happy Birthday, Mom!”

  1. Derek, I have tears of joy! It has been a pleasure seeing you grow. You have challenged me in many ways and made me a better parent and teacher. Thank you for the gift of love! Always there for you, Mom

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