Walking Walking Walking

Exercise is really important when it comes to healing from surgery. Derek’s doctors and nurses have told him he can walk as much as he wants. They’ve also mentioned that some days he’ll feel pretty great and he’ll be able to walk a bunch, and other days he may not want to walk at all. It’s a slow process, but the most important thing is to keep moving.

I’ve been trying to capture our walks so Derek can see how he’s improving every day. Sometimes we run into the neighbors so that explains why it occasionally takes us a long time to finish our route. But today we went on two walks! For the first time ever in our relationship, I am the one that has to slow down and wait for him to catch up. I give that a few weeks, then we’ll be back to the normal state of things where I am fighting to keep up with him.

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5 Replies to “Walking Walking Walking”

  1. Just keep swimming…Just keep swimming…
    Forget that there is no water involved here – dori still had a good plan!

    1. Whenever we go on a hike and I feel like I’m not going to make it to the summit, I tend to mutter, “Just keep swimming,” to myself. It’s surprisingly helpful!

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