Thursday – Much of the Same

Today I expect much of the same as yesterday. The sun is coming out, so there will be a walk or two outside. The doctor suggested lifting 3 lb weights to gain some strength in my upper body. Logan and I ran an errand yesterday and picked up some 1 liter bottles of seltzer that will be my weights for the moment. Plus, there may be some basement stair climbs. I noticed yesterday that just stepping up on a curb was a little more difficult than it should be. There’s just a little exercise that needs to be done to regain some semblance of athleticism.

Probably bigger news is I’ve been off painkillers since the Tuesday doctors visit. Things are sore and hurt, but there’s very little constant pain. It’s more constant soreness and a reminder that my abdomen had its last major surgery a mere 2 weeks ago. The discomfort is manageable.

7 Replies to “Thursday – Much of the Same”

  1. It may seem to be the same and along with it there’s compounded same improvement, no doubt. We celebrate the same-o with you. Standing by for a great report from Friday’s southern visit as well. Yeah!

  2. “You know what else you could use as a 3lb weight? A big bottle of Insure and a piece of Cheesecake Factory cheese cake.”

    Hey wait a minute – how did your transplant team infiltrate my gmail???

    Those sneaks.

    1. Maybe I just need to do arm curls with all the food I’m going to digest that day. Lots of fork-to-mouth movements!

  3. Let me know if you would like some elastic bands for home and some basic exercises. I would love to provide both. So glad to hear about the pain meds, and regular walks!

  4. With everything that has happened to you over the last month, I should think “same-old, same-old” though boring, would be a nice change of pace! 🙂

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