A Lovely Sunny Day

My nerves must be on the fritz. It’s early Monday morning and I’m still in a hospital bed waffling between hunger, boredom, and trying to get more sleep. I started poking around the internet trying to find the end to no avail. But I did find this video from Sesame Street that brought me to tears remembering that I got to go outside for two days in a row!

I did mention that my emotions may be out of whack, right? Because I don’t think crying about Bert going to the park is the normal reaction to the video. Please enjoy the sun if it’s out today.

A Lovely Sunny Day | Zachary Levi and Bert From Sesame Street:

7 Replies to “A Lovely Sunny Day”

  1. Reene and I will indeed appreciate the sun today. I know I will, because I have the car to run weekday errands today. Loving you guys a whole lot. Thanks for the tip.

  2. I feel cooped up when I am stuck inside for a day. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be indoors for weeks. Hang in there. We’ll soak up some sun for you and send some sunshiney love your way!

  3. I wish I had words to make you all better or even a little better but surprisingly I do not have that power. Thank you for that awesome Bert video, it’s a perfect way to start my lovely day!

  4. Nice!

    Bert singing outside on a sunny day does have the power to make my eyes moisten…

    Love to you both.

  5. Great video and reminder! Hang in there Derek. We think about you daily and send sunny thoughts your way.

  6. I cried too! What a great video – so nice that you could cruz and find something so inspiring. Andrew and I have been following yours and Logan’s progress – Yea team! You are both amazing, your writing out of this world, and the humor that you instill is inspirational. Love and Hugs, C & A

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