After surgery yesterday, I was tired. In the 24 hours since then, I’ve been hanging out in my bed and drifting off into sleep. It hasn’t been continuous sleep be any means, but there have been a lot of naps. My body is really trying to recover, and I’m fully supportive.Pre surgery, I had bad pains near my left hip. That’s fine away and has been replaced with general pain and discomfort where they did the surgery. I’ve been given the self medicated green button to regulate the drugs, and I haven’t been shy about using it. Based on my history, I usually over do the exercise and sugar the consequences. I’m trying to learn this time to take it easy and let my body rest and heal.
Overall, I feel great. Yes, there’s the discomfort and tiredness, but otherwise I feel more like a normal person. Today I’m expected to be transferred from the PACU back up to the sixth floor. The doctors and surgeons are very excited about this process and getting me back to a normal room and they’ve talked about when they think I might be discharged. That’s a totally new conversation.
It’s been a good start to fortnight #3.

8 Replies to “Sleepytime”

  1. It is great to read your post. So many people are cheering for you and looking forward to your return home. Love you, wink! Mom

  2. High Five!! Going home, we like those words. You and Logan have been very upbeat through out this whole process, ok a few hrs of disappointment but you both are an inspiration to everyone. XOXO. Aunt Barb

    1. And thank you for the anteater – he’s been hanging out in the hospital with me giving positive vibes.

  3. Derek, this is so AWESOME!!!
    Thinking of you, and wishing you and Logan the best!
    Rest up and heal, heal, heal!!

  4. Now that is the kind of news we like to hear! YEAH, lots of peanut butter & fluff sandwiches coming your way this summer! Thinking of you everyday, Love, Daria XOXO

  5. Wonderful news, Derek — yay for discharge! So happy for you both that the surgeries are finally coming to an end. It’s great to hear that you’re healing! Keep on chugging, buddy!

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