Livernalia: The Sequel

Apparently when you write a comprehensive post about mean waiting times for patients with a virtual MELD  score of 40, you get to have a new liver.

At 5:00 am Derek was wheeled into surgery by his surgeon, 12 hours after we were given an inkling that a viable liver was in play. We were told to hang tight, Derek ate a pizza, I settled in for the night. At 8:00 pm the orders came in that he was to have nothing by mouth. By 9:00 pm he was getting blood drawn, a chest X-Ray was ordered and an EKG. Derek drifted in and out of sleep, I stared at the moon outside his window.

EKG squid is attached. Hail Hydra. (I'm punchy. Sorry.)
EKG squid is attached. Hail Hydra. (I’m punchy. Sorry.)

At 4:00 am the nurse called to say she was told he’d be getting a ride down to the OR at 4:45 and Derek needed to scrub up. Which he did. His surgeon showed up on time, gave Derek more papers to sign and assured him it was a fine looking liver. The two of them joked back and forth like old friends. I rode down to the OR with him, the hallways of the hospital were dark and quiet. I was left behind at the doors to the OR and watched as Derek chuckled at some joke his surgeon was telling him.

I said, “Good luck.”

“Luck isn’t really a factor.” He said.

“Right. Force of habit. Good science.”

I heard his surgeon ask what I said, and Derek repeated, “Good science.”

Good science, indeed.

I’ll make a new post when I get updates, and I’ll keep updating it as I get info.

16 Replies to “Livernalia: The Sequel”

  1. OMG! Logan and Derek, I can’t believe that perfect liver came on May 12th! My birthday never disappoints. Happy perfect liver day!!! I told you guys it will happen and now, fingers crossed for good science so that liver gets a home. I am praying for you both!!

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