Hospital Sleeping

The doctors and I have been on a search for a way to get me to sleep better at night. I really haven’t been sleeping well. No-one easily sleeps in a new environment, but lack of adequate sleep over a three-plus week period is just unhealthy, especially since it’s so critical to liver regrowth.After the first 2 weeks of not sleeping my body shut down one night and I slept hard. Like wake up and not know where you are for an hour. At least my body is capable of some rational sleep decisions in times of crisis.
Over the past few weeks I’ve tried a number of typical helpers: benadryl, ambien, adavan, valium, trazodone and they have not been successful. I know my reaction to drugs is abnormal; they usually give me elephant sized tubes of anesthesia because of my high threshold. Yesterday the doctors actually started suggesting some crazy concepts like warm milk and nutmeg or hot tea. They must look at me like a real enigma.
This morning when I told them the latest drugs had no visible effect the doctor said, “You don’t sleep at home either?” I told him the truth: most days I sleep fine at home, but I’m also getting 9 hours of challenging brain stimulation by working and getting exercise. Both of which are hard to get in the hospital. I told him my plan today was to pace the halls until I get tired. Maybe that will finally get me more than 2 hours sleep a night.

2 Replies to “Hospital Sleeping”

  1. Derek,
    Barb’s friend Mary again….. how about your favorite pillow from home? any little thing that will let you rest…. your favorite sleeping shirts?
    and make sure no one disturbs you from whatever time you and the nurses and doctors agree… my husband was in hospital for 17 days and they never let him have a night without waking him for vital signs…..
    hang in there. they say no exercise 4 hrs before bed…
    maybe a sound machine….we use a fan for the white noise
    hang in there….. you are the bravest warrior!!!
    mary b

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