Quick Friday Update: 5/2

Derek’s pain level this morning was not good; he was really suffering. His surgeon came by to check on him and decided to send him down for a CT scan. The good news is they didn’t find anything to be alarmed by, the bad news is that Derek is still feeling pretty cruddy. His pain decreased a bit after the CT scan and he and the doctor’s think it really must be a muscle issue. Prior to surgery, Derek had many problems with muscle cramping, typically in his toes and legs. But it wouldn’t be beyond the realm of possibility that he is suffering from a muscle strain and muscle cramping around his internal organs. He also mentioned that they filled him up with fluids prior to the CT scan and he wondered if maybe the cramping/pain had something to do with being a little dehydrated.

Hard to say. It’s such a challenge being in the hospital, multiple doctors doing multiple rounds all seemingly working on their own possible theories. Coupled with exhaustion and pain and it’s a recipe for the occasional melt down. Last night the doctors tried a cocktail for sleep that included Benadryl. Sadly, it had the opposite effect on Derek and he was up all night. Derek is hanging in there, but man, we all just want that magical liver to arrive. Tonight the plan is to return to the previous sleep aid, listen to an NHL game the Bruins game  for a little while and try to get some rest. A cruddy morning turned into an ok day and Derek even ate half of a little pizza. Let’s all hope tomorrow is sunny and filled with some smiles. Goodnight faithful blog readers!

7 Replies to “Quick Friday Update: 5/2”

  1. You are both in my prayers and your courage is amazing!!! Now I know I should be saying something funny and upbeat, but too late and too tired. Love to you both and if you run into Dr mike Rosenblatt ( surgeon) or his wife Dr. Pat Roberts (colon surgeon) mention my name. They lived next door to us in Waltham and were wonderful when my husband had his first stroke. Both very good people and surgeons.

    1. I think it was more related to having lots of pain during the CT scan because they had me lie flat on my back, which is nearly impossible to do. Moving from there to a normal position did wonders. And then last night I found one – and only one – position that doesn’t strain that muscle at all. Progress!

      1. I look forward to the day when there’s more than one position than doesn’t strain the muscle – but probably not as much as you do!

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