Logan’s Big Day Out

Today was my biggest adventure since going to the fabric store with my mom back on April 13th. My brother Starskee and I made the trek down to Burlington today to see Mr. Derek and it was lovely. He was in relatively good spirits. I say relatively because he’s been having an annoying issue with one of his drains. It makes him less mobile and a less mobile Derek is a crabby Derek. But he rallied and we had a really great visit.

My brother spent the time making an ultimate mix of music for Derek to rock out/relax to. I spent the time discussing the parts of last week that I completely forgot about. For example, apparently I had a very insider conversation with Derek just before being wheeled into the OR. I guess the doctors and nurses asked Derek’s brother if he understood what we were talking about. I do not remember this at all, but rumor has it, they wheeled my gurney by Derek’s curtained area, the doctors parted and we had a one minute chat. I’m so glad to hear that I saw him and talked to him prior to surgery, but boy, am I drawing a blank about it. I remember being in the OR and moving to the operating table, and then the next memory was of my surgeon and my mother smiling at me while a nurse took my temperature with some kind of space age wand.

We stayed for a while and I began to get very tired; Derek caught me staring off into space. He knew I was tired and told me it was ok to leave. I started to cry a little, because honestly, I was really tired, but I didn’t want to leave him. I suppose it’s going to feel that way every time I leave him. I brought him a photo that Greta took of me a few weeks ago, sporting my trademark smirk. My brother rigged it up so Derek can look over at it from his bed. I hope it gives him some comfort to know I am watching over him (I don’t mean that in a creepy way, Brady!)

When we left, we ran into the Janiaks. They had a chocolate frappe for Derek which is one of his favorite treats. He told me tonight he ate half and saved half for later. Huzzah! His nurse assistant tonight is one of my favorites and she just so happens to share something in common with Derek: they both have titanium in their skulls! She is also a crossfit trainer and I hear she had Derek walking down the hall at a pretty good clip. His heart rate was elevated (she’s also very pretty, so who can blame him!) and the nurse’s station called to check on his telemetry. They’re apparently not used to dealing with a badass like Derek.

I love you, buddy. It was so good to see you today and I hope you have a great sleep. See you Monday!

Oh, one more thing, when we left, we stopped for dinner and I ate a whole cheeseburger. Something I am sure my mother will be relieved to hear. Mom, I ate a burger. My stomach must be nearly back to normal.

6 Replies to “Logan’s Big Day Out”

  1. Logan,
    So good to read that you got to see Derek and that you and he both ate! That’s always a wonderful sign. Continued prayers and good thoughts.

      1. I know I’ve made some very poor decisions recently, but I can give you my complete assurance that my work will be back to normal. I’ve still got the greatest enthusiasm and confidence in the mission. And I want to help you. (I love that we’ve descended into 2001 quotes.)

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