Sock Monkey up to his antics again

Socks is trying his hand at the manual incentive sphirometer, while I wait for the modular X-ray to verify the replacement feeding tube. The first one got stuck full of food gunk. I let the other nostril have a go at it – for my future reference?! – I should know which one I prefer.

6 Replies to “Sock Monkey up to his antics again”

  1. Ok, we can all see what Socks is really looking for in your room…
    Sorry you had to go through another feeding tube placement. I know it wasn’t fun the first time. Hang in there, buddy!

  2. A nurse last night said there was a big feed tube wedding diet issue in 2012. I was just researching and horses have an olfactory lateral preference, I found the 2012 wedding debacle, and yes nose breathing. Ask Sean and Nikki – they were nose breather preference deniers. I’m a mouth breather, so I got that going for me.

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