Sock Monkey up to his antics again

Socks is trying his hand at the manual incentive sphirometer, while I wait for the modular X-ray to verify the replacement feeding tube. The first one got stuck full of food gunk. I let the other nostril have a go at it – for my future reference?! – I should know which one I prefer.


6 thoughts on “Sock Monkey up to his antics again

  1. Incentive, okay. But what’s his primary motivation?

  2. Em says:

    Ok, we can all see what Socks is really looking for in your room…
    Sorry you had to go through another feeding tube placement. I know it wasn’t fun the first time. Hang in there, buddy!

  3. Logan says:

    I have no idea which nostril I would prefer! Doesn’t the preference for which one you breathe through keep changing?

  4. bradycarlson says:

    I think the natural preference is “none of the above”; everything else is just making the best of the situation. Good luck Derek and Socks!

  5. Derek Janiak says:

    A nurse last night said there was a big feed tube wedding diet issue in 2012. I was just researching and horses have an olfactory lateral preference, I found the 2012 wedding debacle, and yes nose breathing. Ask Sean and Nikki – they were nose breather preference deniers. I’m a mouth breather, so I got that going for me.

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