Bits & Pieces

I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with all the amazing emails, cards and well wishes for Derek and me. Know that we are reading everything and are doing our best to respond. Here are a few helpful comments, mantras, videos, and what not, we’ve received lately, in no particular order.

Derek’s LICSW stopped by for a chat today and brought this:


From Andrew at NHPR:

He and Derek have a juggling date once Derek can use his abs again. This is meant for inspiration and even if you’re not a juggler, holy cow is it impressive.

From our good friend Catherine:

Be weak and sad when you need to… the strong parts will come.”

I find it’s helpful in these situations to be given permission to let down your guard and succumb to a little weakness and sadness. It doesn’t mean the strength has left for good, it’s just important to take a break from constant vigilance. I’m so glad she reminded me. 

Life Continues to Find a Way

The Deanes welcomed a little girl into their family yesterday.  Welcome to planet Earth Francis “Frankie” Rose!

From Brother Shawn, Derek’s former teacher from Bishop Guertin

“And you have my support and love and good thoughts and prayers and good vibes and I’ll play lottery tickets with your  favorite numbers if you wish.  (Though not too many, vow of poverty you know!)”

When a Brother from the Sacred Heart offers to buy lottery tickets on your behalf, despite a vow of poverty, you know you’ve got good people on your side.

From the Voute Girls

“I asked them what they think a liver does   .  .

Sarah: it helps you walk
Emma: It helps you to eat yogurt on your head
Sarah: it helps you to stand up
Sarah: Is it your hips to help you walk?
Emma:  it puts food on a plate and then puts it on your head!

Then conversation deteriorated:
Sarah: it helps you lift the toilet and put it on your head.

I will spare you the rest!  Needless to say I have a little educating to do with them!”

…more to come!

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