Thursday Hospital Update

Very good, but minor progressions. They took me off some of the immuno suppressants and added an oral anti bacteria to eliminate the C. Diff. I see progress, so we’re well on the mend for that inconvenience.

They weighed me again this morning, and I was up at 172. Seems mostly good, but part of that is the about 2 liters that is accumulating in me I commonly referred to as ascities, and a definite sign of liver issues. They have me on a sump pump system so it’s at least sucking out the bad.

They gave me lots of IVs yesterday because of the C. Diff dehydration, and today have me on a slow drip to compensate for the ascites removal. I’m still on the 1400kcal and 100gram protein food tube diet.

This morning, I told the doctors how everything liquity on their menu was syrupy and sugary and impossible to drink with that taste already in my mouth from the food tube diet. Carnation Instant Breakfast mixed with water was suggested – this was bearable and at least a different consistency. Our friend Emily, smoothie-master and has done a lot of care taking in her day, came by to drop off a nutrient powder I’ve used in the past. I’m just finishing that one up now for a grand total of self-induced calories of…350! Maybe I’ll have even more later. A little at a time, and I feel like maybe this solution will help me eat by myself again. It’s been a rough ride on the Derek body for a while now.

Finally, although I am Status 1 (higher than every liver chronic illness – hepatitis, Alchoholism, Fatty liver disease, etc). I had a replacement liver that the doctors we’re pretty sure (like they said I’m not worried) that was working last Tuesday. On Thursday, it went to non-functioning and they took me back into surgery and fixed the collapsed artery. Again, until this past Sunday, doctors had high confidence that it was working and things were fine. Sunday was a change, and there was no way of fixing Logan’s perfect little liver in Derek’s turbo-charged system. My bilirubin levels and associated jaundice are by far record highs for me. Before surgery, I was less than 5 – Logan was at 0.6 – and now it’s in the 20s. I call it the Mr. Plow look. As one of my friends elegantly put this liver thing, “that’s why they call it the practice of medicine.”

The doctor’s stop by daily to give me the update – “nothing in the works right now”, which I interpret as “we don’t have any suitable donors within our hospital purview who are hanging onto life by a thread right now”. That could be a totally misguided interpretation. So it’s wait for tragedy, but someone who was selfless, or the family decides in that moment that their relative’s body could do more good for humanity.


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  1. Small victories Derek. :). 350 calories though small compared to “normal” is better than zero. You both are fighting back and that’s what counts. Can’t stop thinking about you both and willing you the best.

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