Marathon Results for Greg Hallerman

I would say that Greg killed it today: Starting 9488, he picked off over 2000 people and finished 6341 overall! If you look at the split times, they’re pretty consistent 7:21 until the end of the race. I like to believe he was enjoying Heartbreak Hill and the resulting downhill to the finish too much and just didn’t want the festivities to end. Awesome job! And thanks for letting us be on your biceps during the run.

From Greg post race: “Missed Pi but not too bad overall since I qualified for my 10th Boston next year.  An enormous amount of Love for Derek and Logan out on the course.  I would point to my arm .. the crowd went wild and screamed your names. You guys got me through the finish, especially thinking that the pain and cramping I was going through the last 4 miles was nothing compared to what you have been through.  It was an honor to represent you. Big Hugs to both of you.”


Hallerman Marathon Results

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  1. Very cool. On the BAA.ORG site I was able to watch the little stick figure of Greg on the symbolic race course as he went through several towns including my home town of Natick, MA. As a kid, we would hand out orange slices and water to the runners as they ran through Natick Common. I have very fond memories of those events and will add to those my appreciative thoughts of Greg running with Derek’s and Logan’s names on his arms… Very cool for sure

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