Boston Marathon & Boston Strong

If you aren’t yet, you should follow Greg Hallerman at the race today (here’s the original post).  Run like the wind, buddy!Running Gear

I have many emotions about this day, especially now being part of this transplant club and feeling so honored that Logan would go through all the pain and suffering for me.  I also think Greg is amazing, not just because he’s running in our honor, but because he’s been spreading the message about organ donation and the American Liver Foundation for many years by running with the charity organizations.  He’s fast enough that he’ll qualify without the charities, but goes out of his way to showcase the importance of Organ Donation.

People lined up for blood donations once they heard about the Twin Towers, and again when the Marathon Bombing occurred.  Yes, that is helpful, but both organs and blood are needed on a daily basis.  Logan donated a pint of her own blood pre-surgery and had it transfused post-surgery to help her recover.  I was deemed too sick, so the hospital transfused 5 or 6 units of blood, plasma and nutrients into me from an anonymous donor.  The life-saving donations are much more important throughout the year than after a crisis.

I’m a partial hypocrite – I have been an organ donor for as long as I remember, but I never donated blood, I’ve been scared to.  When I found out I was sick many years ago, I asked the doctor if I could donate blood and his response was “you get healthy first”.  So when you are following the Boston Marathon today and cheering Greg Hallerman on, also remember you can make a difference in other’s lives.  I’m sure if you’re scared of giving blood like I am, you could walk down to a blood bank, check it out, and decide not to donate if it wasn’t comfortable.

Enjoy the marathon today, and when you see the words “Boston Strong”, remember that you don’t have to wait until a crisis to help out your own community.  Here’s a link an older post “What Can I Do To Help?”

Finish Line  Greg and FamilyBoston Strong

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  1. One week ago I was providing updates on the surgeries. Today I’m happy to provide a different kind of update on one of the many supporters, Greg Hallerman. Through the first 10K Greg (bib 9488) is running a very respectable 7min21second per mile pace.

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