Quick Friday Night/Saturday Morning Update

Let’s just first acknowledge that if not for Derek, there would be no updates. Thank you dear husband!

Derek mentioned our dueling pep talks from the unbelievable nursing staff here in transplantation. They truly are an amazing team. Last night, I got myself into bed. Took some ibuprofen and then fell asleep uninterrupted from 9:15p until 12a because I had to go to the bathroom.

I went back to sleep from 12:20a until 4:45a! I’m still totally exhausted & pretty sick, but that feels like a success. Yay!

4 Replies to “Quick Friday Night/Saturday Morning Update”

  1. You guys are kicking ass. It may not seem like it but every step, bite and nap is a big move down the road to recovery.

  2. Yay, I’m so glad you got some sleep – hospitals make it so difficult to sleep with the constant bees and overhead calls, yet sleep is so incredibly important for the healing process!

    You two never cease to amaze me!

  3. Woo Hoo! great to hear you are on the mend- even if very slowly.
    Think of you all the time.
    keep resting.

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