Friday’s Updates

Another picture of walking canes and visiting.

They’ve been trying to dial in Logan’s meds so she doesn’t feel incredibly sick. We both haven’t been eating, not for lack of trying, our bodies are trying to do so many healing things at once.

She and I got independent pep talks from the nurses on duty, basically saying stop expecting certain things to happen at time X. They will come around. Like appetite, energy, etc.

Best thing I can compare this experience to is having a very bad flu, throwing up and have it feel so good, but be so exhausted you can’t do anything. There have been points where it’s all the energy used up to open our mouth. And then we have to decide whether we should pick at the scrambled eggs, water, protein shake, and which one will help the most without causing acid reflux, etc. Time to use energy to suck down some needed water and try to pee again.

2 Replies to “Friday’s Updates”

  1. We’ve obviously hired the hospital photographer. I’m also thinking tomorrow we might rent a chocolate easter-egg fountain tomorrow. Cadbury creme drippings with the standing table made of Peeps.

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