Today was rough.

When we first started getting details about this adventure, everybody would say, “In the first 48 hours the donor feels euphoric. Then, the pain really kicks into gear.” Let’s just say I’m right on schedule. I’ve made some progress today, but there have been more set backs than I would have liked.

Derek is doing great and that’s a big relief for me. Thank you so much, everyone for your support. Until next time.

10 Replies to “Today was rough.”

  1. We are thinking of you both – hang in there! I can’t even imagine how painful it is – we use our abdominal muscles for almost everything so to have an incision through them must be really excruciating . . . .

  2. Oooof. Hang in there, friend. We are thinking of you and hoping you feel much better very soon! Thanks for managing to keep us updated. You are a tough cookie.

  3. You are doing great Logan. Be kind to yourself. Lean on all the people around you, physically and emotionally. By the way, thank you for saving Derek. We all owe you one 🙂

  4. I can’t believe you’re walking already!! Don’t pull a Dignan and try to escape. The jello can’t be that bad.

  5. I wish they didn’t make saving lives look so easy on TV. It sets false expectations. But continue to be brave! You will inspire me to not be such a wimpy pathetic worm. Go Logan! We love you!

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