It’s Really Time To Read These Updates, Guys.

This bullhorn girl is awesome. Her pic is part of the Boston Public Library's gallery on Flickr.
This bullhorn girl is awesome. Her pic is part of the Boston Public Library’s gallery on Flickr.

[This post was written by Rebecca Lavoie since we were both knocked out.]

Before you do anything….CLICK HERE. 

Check back throughout the day for updates on Derek and Logan. I will continue to receive texts from Liver Central and will post them below. If I get no news for long stretches, I may post something anyway, just so there’s something for you to see when you return.


Final Monday Update, 3:43 PM: Logan’s mom was able to visit Logan, and Derek’s parents were able to visit Derek. Both patients were responsive and looked great! The nurse said that they’d likely wheel Logan next to Derek for a “Hi – Hello” later tonight.

Thanks for reading today…I’ll create a new post for tomorrow if I get more updates.

1:31 PM: Derek has a new liver!!! According to his dad, the doctor says the technical pieces are complete. The next 24 hours are critical to monitor the connections and liver activity. In the words of my trusty source…WOW.

Derek has a new liver! For realz.
Derek has a new liver! For realz.

12:36 PM: While we’re waiting for news on Derek, check out this adorable, life-affirming baby hippo.

12:20 PM: Logan’s surgery is complete! The surgeon met with Logan’s mother and said all went very well. Derek’s surgery will continue for a couple more hours.

11:30 AM: Both Logan and Derek are still in the O.R. According to my trusty source at the hospital, this is “very much matching the expectations set by the surgeons.”

Did someone say juice boxes? Well okay, then.
Did someone say juice boxes? Well okay, then.

10:16 AM: Text message confirms Logan and Derek are both still in the O.R. as expected.

8:58 AM: Derek entered the O.R. at 8:40. Word is, all is going according to plan.

7:38 AM: Logan and Derek checked in to the hospital at 6:00 AM. Logan has entered the O.R. at 7:30.

16 Replies to “It’s Really Time To Read These Updates, Guys.”

  1. Here’s some good news to start the morning: NBC has picked up “Liver Central” as a mid-season replacement! The sitcom features Lucas Neff (“Raising Hope”), Charlyne Yi (“House, M.D.”) and Dave Coulier (“Full House”) as liver specialists who put a little wackiness into each transplant!

  2. Such great news! Positive vibe beam is on overload from Sean and I, sprinkled with lots of tears of happiness and appreciation for these two AMAZING people and what they’re doing! Go Derek! Go Logan! Go Logan’s liver!

  3. I have been refreshing this all morning at work. So glad to be updated and so excited that everything is going well!

  4. I’m not sure if our how i belong on this board. As I wake on this beautiful morning hours after a full lunar eclipse displayed it’s “blood red” face, I think the world of Logan’s Dad and wish the best for his family and Derek. Logan’s act of love and Derek’s strength is jam packed full of positive faith that empowers us all. I now, truly do believe in angels. Logan, my family’s prayers are sent from Florida. May you both Be Strong this morning.

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