National Blue & Green Day Is Friday, April 11th


Donate Life America promotes organ donation awareness year round, but as we’ve mentioned before, April is a month long push to get people to sign up to be organ donors. In honor of that, Donate Life has designated this Friday, April 11th, as National Blue & Green Day! This is your opportunity to support organ donors and their recipients by wearing an obnoxious amount of blue and green. When people stop you and say, “Wow. That’s a tremendous amount of color you’re wearing today!” You can respond with, “Thank you! It’s National Blue & Green day and I am celebrating my decision to become an organ, eye, and tissue donor.”

Well, you don’t have to say that, and honestly, people might not even approach you about your fashion decision, but it sure would be fun if we all got decked out in blue and green the Friday before Derek and I go in for surgery. It’s a nice way to show that we’re all in this together. Then maybe you could take a photo of yourself celebrating Blue & Green Day and send it to us so we can be reminded of how awesome all of you are! I’ll post the photos here so we can enjoy them together.

Tell your friends! Put your dog in a blue & green sweater (?)!  Buy some blue & green balloons! Bake some cupcakes and put way too much blue frosting on them! Wear a blue & green tie! I’m totally going to paint my nails blue & green. That should give the surgeons and nurses a good chuckle.

And remember, signing up to be an organ donor also means talking to your friends and loved ones about your decision to be an organ donor!

To cover all bases, it’s also helpful to:

  • Designate your decision on your driver’s license
  • Tell your physician
  • Include donation in your advance directives, will, and living will


Currently, more than 120,000 men, women and children are awaiting organ transplants in the United States. For specific numbers visit or head over to OPTN for up to the minute stats.

Approximately 67,808 Multicultural Patients*

Approximately 1,851 Pediatric Patients*

28,052 Organ Transplants Performed in 2012

14,013 Organ Donors in 2012

More than 46,000 corneas were transplanted in 2012

More than 1 million tissue transplants are done each year and the surgical need for tissue has been steadily rising

*as of October 2013

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