How Can I Help?

A cardinal 'cause he's pretty.
A cardinal from last year ’cause he’s pretty and spring is barreling toward us.

We’ve been getting this question a lot lately, and I would be lying if I said it didn’t overwhelm both of us a little bit. The thing is, we really don’t know what to say when people ask us this question, because right now we don’t really need much help, per se. The hard part about all of this is the unknown. We aren’t sure when we’ll get to go home, we don’t know what kind of shape we’ll be in when we get there, and we’re not entirely sure what we’ll be up for in the days and weeks that follow. So. For the most part we’re going to have to play all of this by ear. In the meantime there are a few things that everyone can potentially do:

1. Sign up to be an organ donor. We’re both kind of broken records on this I realize, but we both think it’s really important. There is a frightening number of people waiting for transplants in this country right now, and the more people that sign up, then hopefully the more people that can be saved.

2. After you sign up, tell everyone! When you sign up to be an organ donor in this country you are placed on a national registry, but if your loved ones don’t know you hope to pass on your gift of life to someone else, they may inadvertently prevent the donation from happening. So tell people. And maybe make sure the people you tell are also signed up.

3. Donate blood. When you have the opportunity and if you’re physically able, donate blood. It’s an easy thing to forget to do, I get that. But maybe the next time you’re on the fence about it, remember that a few minutes of your time could save someone’s life. And sometimes they give you cookies.

4. Get an annual physical. Ok. This one is a bold request. But hear us out. We love you. We love that you are here for us. And we want you to be healthy and happy, because that makes us happy. Neither of us enjoys going to the doctor, it’s not exactly a fun time, but annual physicals help screen for all kinds of illnesses that, if caught early on, can be treated.

5. Give someone you love, a great big hug on April 14th. We’re both really scared about all of this, but we’re also very excited to have this chance to kick Derek’s disease to the curb. Since we can’t all be together on the 14th to celebrate this next step, we ask that you pick out a person, hell pick out a few, tell them you love them, that they mean the world to you and that your life wouldn’t be the same without them. Then give them a great big bear hug. Oh, and then maybe pinch their butt or something so you both laugh, because honestly, this post has gotten way too squishy.

If we think of anything else we might need, something tangible like, oh I don’t know, steamed artichokes with lemon butter, or maybe artisanal root beer served in a chilled glass, we will let you know. Meanwhile, take care of yourselves. We love you and our lives wouldn’t be the same without you.

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