"Hey buddy, wash yer hands! Or I'll growl at you."
“Hey buddy, wash yer hands! Or I’ll growl at you.”

I can be a little nudgy. Not so much a nag, but I often veer towards being a nudge. Derek is very patient with me, but I am cognizant of my tendency to gently remind him of things and that it is likely very annoying. One of the daunting aspects of this surgery and the aftermath is the germ situation. A person with a normal, healthy immune system fights off little germs all day every day, no problem. But Derek will not have a normal, healthy immune system. He will have to be vigilant about washing his hands, something he is not super attentive about currently. I don’t want to have to constantly say, “Derek! Did you wash your hands?” And frankly, he’s not super psyched about me doing that either. So my idea was to come up with a word I could say that would remind him to wash his hands without me having to be a total nudge. That word is: raccoons!

Whenever I notice that perhaps he is about to enjoy a sandwich but hasn’t washed his hands:


We’ll see how this works out.

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