What I’m Reading: Mere Christianity

I had a discussion with a co-worker about his Christian beliefs and my non-religious tendencies. My parents raised me by the golden rule: “Do unto others as they would do unto you”.

The closest I’ve come to being associated with a church, synagogue, or other place of worship is my Catholic high school. My co-worker suggested reading “Mere Christianity”, by C.S. Lewis, which is an argument for the Christian faith. It has been in my possession since Christmas, and I started reading it a few nights ago. From what I can understand, his main argument for the belief in a higher power is the existence of a Moral Law that is innate and transcends all cultures and cannot be explained by natural processes. I’m not sure I agree with that argument: the golden rule is the closest I see to a universal law, and there are plenty of examples and cultures that refuse to abide by this law. As such, I’m finding it difficult to get past the first few chapters and into the rationalization that Christianity must be the answer to that higher driving force.

Mere Christianity

I suggested my co-worker read “Origin of Species”, by Charles Darwin. I’m not sure whether he’s a believer in creationism or not, but I think Charles Darwin provides a good scientific argument for the existence of natural evolution and the book is a good scientific read. Darwin’s thesis laid a foundation in the early part of the book, which prompted many questions, so I took copious notes. As I continued reading, my questions were addressed, and I believe Darwin ultimately provided a valid argument for natural selection and evolution. I can only hope that C.S. Lewis does the same – the later chapters in Mere Christianity revisit his Moral Law and reinforces his argument for its existence.

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  1. I love C.S. Lewis’s writings and Mere Christianity had a big effluence on me. It is an intellectual’s book and many of us who think more than we feel find it a compelling argument in favor of the Christian faith. Many very smart people, say it was Lewis who influenced them to become believers, not in a particular denomination of church, but in Christianity in general, whether it be practiced in “The Golden Rule,” or in the forest and nature which is my “Church.” By the way, while out for a 7 km hike in rural Bavarian Germany yesterday, we came upon a small beautiful chapel in the forest and I lifted you two up in a prayer for successful operations and outcomes. We’ll keep you in our prayers now.

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