Are You Excited?

A couple of people have told both Derek and me that they are really excited about the surgery. This is typically followed up with, “Is that weird?” It’s not weird, it’s exciting! It’s exciting that it’s even possible to take part of my liver, give it to Derek and then have both parts grow back to full size. Plus, it will be so great for Derek to have a new liver that actually works! No offense current liver. You did what you could. We’re not mad at you, we know you tried, but it’s time to hang up your liver hat. Yes, I have conversations with Derek’s liver, is that weird? I also have chats with my liver, you know, trying to prep her for her new mission in Derek’s abdomen. I like to treat it like she’s a spy going under cover. Don’t tell Derek.

If I had to put a name to the emotion that I feel most, I’m not sure I’d call it excitement. I’m thinking I should think up a German compound word for this complicated emotion. It might be a combination of excitement, nerves, fear (is that the same as nerves?), happiness, anxiety, anticipation, curiosity and if this post is any indication, a healthy dose of crazy. So that would be:



 1. That feeling you get when you’re less than three weeks away from giving 60% of your liver to your husband.

2. That feeling you get when you’re less than three weeks away from getting 60% of your wife’s liver.


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