What We’re Eating: Egg In The Hole

This is really more of a ‘What I’m Eating’ as Derek doesn’t eat eggs. I don’t think I ever really ate egg-in-the-hole as a kid, but the other day I thought it might be fun to try. I do like my eggs cooked the same way I’ve enjoyed them since I was a kid: over medium. This allows for dunking of toast into the egg yolk which I enjoy very much. Speaking of toast, man, my mom makes the best toast. I know what you’re thinking, how can toast really be the best? I’ll let you in on her secret: butter all the way to the edges. MMMmmmMMMmmm!

Ok back to the recipe. It’s not really much of a recipe if you know how to cook an egg, but here it is.

+ Using a biscuit cutter or a glass, cut a hole in your bread. Keep the positive part, it makes for good dunking, if you like that sort of thing.

+ Heat up your skillet and add a tablespoon of butter. Seems like a lot, but you need to make sure the bread gets toasted and the egg doesn’t stick.

+ Once the butter has melted, put your bread in the skillet. Then, crack an egg in the hole and season to taste with sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Stick the little circle of bread in there too so it can get toasted.

+ The key is not to have the heat too high or you’ll burn the toast before you cook the egg. I screwed this up and ended up over cooking the egg. No dunking for me.

+ Once the egg starts to set up, you can flip it and cook the rest of the way. Or, like me, you can overcook it and have a solid yolk. Don’t forget to flip your bread circle.


Overdone, but still yummy. Needed more butter.
Overdone, but still yummy. Needed more butter.

5 Replies to “What We’re Eating: Egg In The Hole”

  1. I think my grandma called them “bird in a basket.” Also, may I recommend using half a bagel… comes with its own hole!

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