Essential Reading

You know that thing TV shows do when they need to take a break? They put together a highlight reel of past episodes but make it seem like it’s a new episode? Yeah, I know, I hate that too.

Derek and I have been remarkably good at keeping up with the blog. In fact, I can’t really believe we’ve actually created a post every day since we started this odyssey. This post brings the grand total to 132 posts. We’re now realizing that there are people who may not have checked out the blog since we initially unveiled it. Now that we are rapidly approaching surgery day, (the exact date in April is still TBD the 14th, and yes, I just threw up in my mouth a little) we’ll likely send out a little reminder for people to check out the blog and get up to speed on what’s been happening the last few months. Here is a list of top posts to help ease people into the blog. I’ll update this list as needed, but this should get people started.

If there’s another post that you think is essential to new readers, let me know and I’ll add it!

My Trip To The ICU &  A Pragmatic Approach to Coping – Derek

Are You Scared? – Logan

Live Donor Update #4 – The Medical Evaluation – Logan

Live Donor Update #5 – It’s On – Logan

Waking From A Nap – Derek

Piece Of Me – Logan

Piece Of You – Derek

More Questions Answered – Logan

Reality Hits You Hard, Bro. – Derek

How Can I Help? – Logan

Four Fourteen Fourteen – Logan

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