‘Til Death Do Us Part

Logan gave me this card for our one year anniversary which said: “‘Til Death Do Us Part is For Quitters.”

Black and White and Red All Over ©2009 RE 001 - Rob Graney - Represented by Crow & Canary
Black and White and Red All Over ©2009 RE 001 – Rob Graney – Represented by Crow & Canary

I’ve kept that card stored away, and lately, I’ve been thinking about that statement. I don’t make decisions lightly, and the decision to marry Logan took a while. But, when I finally came to a decision, I was committed just like with all the decisions I make. Neither one of us went into marriage believing divorce or annulment was an option. I need Logan in my life and am happier with her around, and I know the opposite is true. Yet, neither one of us is doing this for convenience. Logan is my live donor because I need her and she loves me, but also because she wants to and it’s beneficial to her.

Someone once joked that after surgery I will owe her a lifetime of doing dishes. My deadpanned response was that she should be thankful for me doing any dishes, because if I wasn’t around she’d have to do all the dishes herself. Seriously though, I am thankful that we can go through this together and it’s not because of an obligation.

This brings me back to the statement “‘Til Death Do Us Part”. After surgery, Logan will literally be a part of me, like she pointed out in her ‘Piece of Me’ post over a month ago.  It will be physically impossible for me to separate myself from her. She will still have that capability, but at least for me, the ’til death do us part mumbo jumbo is as permanent as it gets. And, even more-so than before, she will be very near and dear to my heart.

2 Replies to “‘Til Death Do Us Part”

  1. Not all people find their (what brother Shawn would say) true compliments. You are that for one another. You are both blessed to share this crazy ride together!

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